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Learn The 1 Secret To Approaching Women!


From the desk of Player Supreme….How to kill Approach Anxiety and FEAR Forever….

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“Do you want to know the 3 Things that Are Stopping You From Meeting And Dating Super Hot Chicks?”

  • Fear of Approaching
  • Fear of Rejection
  • Fear of super hot women

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Think about How Different Your life Would Be If You Were :

  • able to go after the 9’s and 10’s with ZERO fear!
  • able to walk over and talk to any girl with no fear
  • able to just get a girlfriend

Imagine the kind of life you would have if you totally eliminated all
traces of your fear of approaching, your fear of rejection and your
fear of super hot women.  Imagine how you would walk into any
venue and walk up to the hottest girl their and be able to talk to her
without fear!

man raising hands with confidence building

Can you see how different your life would be if you totally had the
balls to go after the 9’s and 10’s without any problems?
To be able to project the image of a total bad boy without having
to be fake it.   Or have the balls to just land a decent, caring,
loving girlfriend?

When I first started going out to night clubs I noticed guys much
less attractive than I was were getting all of the hot chicks.
I asked myself….. WHY????

I would rationalize to myself “I am better looking than these scrubs.
I owned my own business:.  I just knew that I was a way better man
than those so and so’s…

One thing that I did notice about these yahoo’s was that they did
have an over abundance of a something that I was actually low in.
In fact I have found that every male who ends up on the internet trying
to get better with women is actually deficient in this one element or thing.

And, guess what that one quality was that I did not have?

Can I tell you in one word:


man with confidence bouncer

Yeah, That’s it  No.  Really.  That was IT!!!!!  As simple and over looked
at that but that was IT!

That was the only quality that was separating me from those other guys
who moved in on and succeeded with all of the hot women everywhere I went.

That one element even though may seem like such a little thing is also
what separates a true natural player who is good with women from a
guy who is continually struggling to get a date!

And as I said those bozo’s had confidence dripping from ever poor in
their bodies. Those guys had a lot of confidence in themselves.
Hell they had it up the yin yang.  They didn’t care about rejection and
chased every fine female around.  And I admit I was jealous back then.

But, guess what the main quality that women love in men as to why they
will date guys like that is?

You guessed it.  Confidence.   Women breath confident men.



Let me tell you something…. the main thing reason as to why your afraid
of approaching, or why you fear rejection and super hot girls is because
you also probably have a lower than average confidence level.

Don’t take my word.  Think about it.  Remember the last time you were
nervous about stepping up to a super hot chick?  Remember the last time a chick turned you down?  Yeah I think your beginning to see the big picture now…

Just think how easy your life would be if you had the unstoppable confidence of a super player…

You would step over to every pretty girl that you saw and start talking to her.

confidence building_guy-talking-to-girl

And get this you wouldn’t even be afraid!

You would go after the 9’s and 10’s with no problems and get them
because remember the number one attractive quality that attracts women to men like flies to shit is your confidence level.  You would be able to find a girlfriend within a week no problems and take your pick of whom you wanted to let date you.

I mean just think..your approach anxiety would dry up quicker than a blonds check book.  That game killing shy guy act that you programmed yourself would evaporate quicker than spit on a griddle just as well.  Sorry women do not date shy guys on the average.

confidence building_shy-guy.s600x600

Your fear of how hot the woman is would be gone and you would have
that charisma that bad boys have that drive women wild without needing
to really be a bad boy.

Think about how many opportunities that you have blown in your entire
lifetime all because you were scared or let that evil voice in your head
dominate you and rule your life!

I have been a dating coach since the early 2000;s teaching guys how to
get laid as I have done in my own life.  I have had women and shows photos of them wearing a sign saying property of “Player Supreme.”

This photo is not a fake and it was well documented:

confidence building woman holding sign

Yes, I am Player Supreme.  I have shown photos of them kissing my feet and I have tried to teach other guys how to become a virtual pimp in the dating game.

I am known as the inner game dude.  I know with strong inner game
you don’t and won’t need techniques.  I started where you guys are
and grew into a supreme player in this game.

And get this, it’s not about looks as much as it is about your level of
confidence.  I have seen fat and ugly guys who were real PIMPS.
Yes the selling of women’s most prized possessions on the streets.
Guess what these ugly, skinny or fat unattractive men have that allows
them this type of power in the game?

The answer is so simple and it had been in front of my face for ten long years!


In one of my previous books I tried to get guys to use a canned phrase
I learned from the pimp game,  that went something like:
“All whom I see when I stand alone in front of a mirror are beneath me.”

What I totally forgot was to build up the students confidence first before
I gave them that affirmation so it did almost no good.  I had already went
through the process of developing my confidence level.  I have a vast library of self improvement books and spent years studying and reading and learning.
I am ashamed and sorry to say this but, I forgot what I went through to get
there in my teachings.

So what I am saying is that the only thing stopping you right now from
meeting and dating a ton of super hot chicks is simply your level of confidence.

The only thing that has been keeping you from dating super hot chicks is
that dam low level of confidence that you’ve been dragging around with you probably your entire life.


What I am saying is that the only thing that has been keeping you from
being popular with the ladies is just because you have not developed
the confidence of a man who is popular with the ladies.

Take a moment and really think about how powerful this truth really is
and it’s effect it has had in your life.


Isn’t that pretty sad when you think about it?  You have been selling
your balls short for a long time now over some stupid program that
you have been running in your mind.

Are you ready to get off that losing boat?

Well I think I have just the thing for you.  I just finished developing
a complete 50 day bootcamp programconfidence building_Boot_Camp_11 designed to rip your low self esteem to shreds and turn your confidence level into that of a raging bull!

Let me show you how to finally rip out of your brain all of those confidence killing behaviors that you probably are not even aware of that turn women off like a stone cold shower on a a below zero night.

Here are just some of the things you will learn:

  • The difference between arrogance and real confidence!
  • How to get rid of fear in your life FOREVER!
  • The real secret of unstoppable confidence!
  • How to speak like a super confident man!
  • The 9 Elements of Unstoppable confidence!
  • How to reprogram your belief system in a day!
  • How to develop the body language of  confidence!
  • End that nagging negative inner voice!
  • Communication tools of winners!
  • How to never be intimidated by anyone again!
  • Eye contact exercises!
  • Boost your rapport with women!
  • Build unstoppable  confidence!
  • Destroy once and for all low self esteem

Plus much much more!

  •  40 Videos chocked full of confidence building exercises that will leave
  •  Plus 130 page quick start guide for those that want to move at a faster pace!

When you finish this program you will be a lion amongst men.


You will be an unstoppable player amongst men  who will date whom he wants and when he wants!

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Right about know your probably wondering how much this total package is going to cost you right?

Well how much would you put on your life right now?  I mean how
much would you pay to be able to radically change the course of your
life right now, today?  Before you answer that just think about
where you would be in a year from know if you didn’t order this
program?  Now where would you be in 5 years if you didn’t order
this program?  in 10 years…still stuck…shy and alone…

How much is it worth to:

  • Put a final end to your approach anxiety?
  • Stomp out that nagging fear of super hot women?
  • Bury your fear of rejection forever?

Lets look at is this way for a minute.  50 days are going to pass whether or not you take advantage of this tremendous offer or not.  You will probably go to the night clubs and spend $20.00 each time just on the entrance fee for the average club.  You will probably spend at least another $20.00 on drinks and we both know that is a conservative estimate.  So for the price of one evening out that will ultimately change your life forever what price could you really put on this?

You cannot put a price on your future happiness my friend because it is priceless.

With that said here is the best news of your life.

My program is not costing thousands, nor $997.00, nor $547.00 nor $297.00 nor at this time my real price of $97.00 but it is only $57.00.  That is 40 dollars off!

Here is what I want you to do right now.

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Each day you  will be taken a private forum full of written, audio and video
lessons that will turn you into the type of man you have always wanted to be!

So go on and ORDER NOW!

Time for you to become a raging bull!

Lets get you started on your final path in this game and get it done!

P.S.  $57.00 is nothing when you think about how you will be able to finally put an end to the struggling that you have endured your entire life.   The fear that you put yourself through over approaching and rejection.

Would it not feel great to be able to wake up each morning totally excited and bursting with enthusiasm and energy over your prospects of meeting and dating hot beautiful women?  I think so.

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You only have one life to live and if you have to donate blood or dig in the couch for change or borrow from your mother you need this program!  Why wait thinking about it when change is just a download moment away!

Just think of all of the hot women that you have let slip through your fingers because you were too scared to step over and introduce yourself!

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Yeah I think you know it’s time to do something and develop real confidence!

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