Day 52

Right click only then select save link as or save target as, then save files to your desktop to find them easily. Please download. These files will not be up here for long. If you miss downloading DO NOT ASK FOR IT when the files are gone. You had your chance and just chalk it up to your own stupidity bro’s. Move on and do not write me asking for it and DO NOT say I know you said but I thought I would try anyway bullshit. I won’t even answer you. (sorry I get all types on here fellas so gotta put the foot down).


Try to listen to one file per day and listen to it at least twice a day. Put them in a folder and load them into your ipods also if you have one.






LasVegasLessons2-Know thyself

LasVegasLessons3-In not up

LasVegasLessons4-Stop Pretending


LasVegasLessons6-Reach Out

LasVegasLessons7-Get Feedback

LasVegasLessons8-Success By Design

LasVegasLessons9-Values Matter

LasVegasLessons9-Values Matter2

LasVegasLessons9-Values Matter3

LasVegasLessons10-Keep Score


LasVegasLessons12-Culture is Key