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If you have tried ebook after ebook and your still struggling with your dating game then its probably because you have not been exposed to the real truth about dating and how to get laid.

When I showed up I could not believe all of the fake people running around selling ebooks. And it has only gotten worse in the last then years that I have been an online dating coach to thousands of men all over the world.

It is hard to tell who is real and who isn’t. I know your having that problem right now as to how your found my site or you have probably heard of me and came to check it out and that is okay too.

As I said above in my video I am the real thing. I am not one of those fake internet marketers duplicating peoples books. In fact I suck at writing and my grammar would be the worst if it was not for Microsoft Word.

I began coaching guys on forums all over the internet since the early 2000’s. I have had a ton of success remolding guys into real players:

My program is not just a ebook but an actual course that covers 7 days.

Here are some of the things that I will teach you in this online course:

  • How to talk to women in a way that will turn them on! (pg 84)
  • Over 15 different conversational styles besides just open endedquestions! (pg 86)
  • How to drive a woman crazy in bed till she can’t cum anymore! (pg 112)
  • How to use oral sex the right way without wearing out your jaws! (pg 115)
  • How to improve your self confidence and self esteem so that women will be begging to date you! (pg 33)
  • How to boost your sex drive with five 2,000 year old exercises that you can do at home! (pg 118)
  • Tons of exercises!
  • Tons of audio files!
  • Tons of video links!

That’s Not All!


This course comes with it’s audio version of the manual. Learn while you drive That isn’t all:

  • I will teach you how to spot available women when you walk into a night club! (pg 80)
  • I will teach you how to dress like a player so that you will turn heads! (pg 55)
  • I have 3 audio self hypnosis programs to improve your self confidence and charisma!
  • I will show you step by step my system that will get you laid by the 8th step! (pg 164)
  • How to pick out target females who are just waiting to get laid! (pg 68)
  • Over 50 ways to spot a woman’s interest in you! (pg 70)
  • What women really say about alpha males! (pg 111)
  • I will share with you my own special sex techniques that are guaranteed to bring a woman to a orgasm no matter what your dick size is! (pg 103)


Each day you will get the days lesson on a pdf and a audio version to listen to while you drive. You will also be given a bootcamp of assignments to do each to to keep you growing and to instill the lessons from this program so that you will be able to go anywhere in the world and meet a woman.


I have tons of bonus programs including:

  • The pimp files for those of you interested in that level of game!
  • Meditation programs to build self confidence!
  • Meditation program to conquer your fear of women!

Sign up today 97.00

No for the summer time. I want to see you get a woman by your side. So I want to make my program affordable for everyone. Pinch pennies if you have too. Dig in your couch for change. Check your clothes in your closet. Borrow it from your momma if you have too but sign up now while the price is down this low!

$27.00 for the summer!



PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!