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I’m not going to write a sales letter for this ebook.  This is for my inside people only.  I wrote this ebook several years ago and never released it.

In here you will learn the techniques of salesman ship and how to apply it to the seduction process.

I will teach you several sales phrases that I used in my game to overcome objections such as :

  • I don’t want to go to your place
  • I don’t feel safe going to our place
  • I don’t want to have sex until x-date or x- happens

I will give you some basic tools to use and help you get a thorough understanding of how women think and feel and especially what they are looking for!

Why is that important?

Because when you know what they want you know how to SELL yourself as that type that she is looking for.

I will also teach you the REAL power of stories such as:

  • How to create your own powerful stories!
  • How to delve into your own mind and pull out real stories!
  • How stories can effect a woman’s mind!
  • Plus Much Much More!

There are 16 chapters and you can read this report in a day!  Read and learn how to apply salesmanship to your seduction process.

Remember what a player sells?

1. Good conversation

2. Good sex

3. Dreams

I will help you accomplish this in this report.

Inside I also have  links to powerful videos to teach you how to sell YOU and what sales is about.

I’ve also included exercises so be prepared to learn as you grow and read!

Get it for the holiday at a holiday savings before it goes to full price of an ebook: $27.00.  Save 20 dollars by ordering now!


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Combining Salesmanship With Seduction