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“Are you frustrated angry or just plain old pissed off after going out to the night clubs time and time again only to end up with your internet porn, alone and rejected when the night is over?”


Dear fellow frustrated males:

Are you pissed off, sick and tired of going out to a night club only to leave alone? Well, I understand how you feel. That was me long ago. I used to be afraid of going out to a night club. I felt intimidated by all of the good dancers that I would see there. I had no idea how to ask women how to dance let alone do the latest dances.

I know what your going through right now. I know what it feels like to see other guys leaving with the hottest girls in the club. Let me tell you a bit about my story, what happened to me and what I did about it. If you just give me a few more minutes of your time I promise you that you will be happy.

I come from where you are now. I want to help you get out of that hole that your in. If you find that when you go out to night clubs that:

  • You often if not always come home alone!
  • Can’t get second dances from girls who originally said yes!
  • Are just too embarrassed to dance!
  • Afraid that you will be laughed at!
  • Can’t put your left foot to your right foot on beat!
  • In fact can’t even find the beat!

Then you need a special class that I am teaching on the internet. Let me teach you from the very beginning how to dance in a night club so that you too can get all of the hot women that you want in your life. I know that sounds like a sales pitch but I have dated over 133 women in my time. Most of them I met in the night clubs. I also did this during a time period where it was not kosher for black guys to date non black women if you know what I mean.

My class is not for everyone. I am looking for that 20% of males amongst the 80% who have the desire to actually do something about their predicament. You see most guys will just complain and whine about their lives. I am not looking for whiners. I am looking for winners. Even winners need teachers. Winners are smart enough to know that they need a professional to teach them things and they make no qualms about investing in their future.

That is the type of men that I am looking for with this class. If your one of them then you can already see the value of being able to come home at your own leisure. Log into your email account and recieve your days lesson and practice in the privacy of your own home.

You can see the value of making the people who laughed at you before’s jaws drop when you step out on the floor and blow them away.

You can see the faces of the women looking in admiration and the look of lust deep in their eyes as they watch your new ability to move on a dance floor.

Let me teach you how to dance in 20 short days!

I know that’s a pretty bold claim I just made, so you might be thinking to yourself…”There’s no way I can actually learn how to dance in just a couple of hours. Doesn’t it take months or even years of practice to become a good dancer?”

The truth is yes it does. But that’s only if you want to become a professional dancer, and be able to do all sorts of crazy, complicated tricked out moves…

To get women that is not what will do the job. If you ever watch those cool dancers that you see moon walking all over the clubs you will notice either they have a girlfriend who is probably bored stiff with their antics or they leave at the end of the night alone. If you look close you will see one over developed wrist also from other late night internet activities.

So,if you just want to learn cool “club style” dance moves that you could use next time you go out… and how to grind and dance or get freaky with girls and really “turn up their body heat”… not just politely twirl them around like you’re at prom…And if you want to learn how to dominate in the night clubs…

… then you need to sign up right now!


“This could be you in 20 days!”


I have always been attracted to Hip-Hop and impressed how certain people can move their bodies on night club music. So I enter that class hungry for knowledge. Before it, I could not move sensualy , i was stiff moving my body offbeat as one block instead having control of my bodyparts.Therefore, going to the clubs was not an easy task due to the high-energy level of those places and i danced very rarely.

Well, this class has been a revelation for me in many ways : I can now feel the beat in my all body . I perceive the music as energy flowing thru my body and I move accordingly to the beat. I do love going to night clubs now, it became an addiction. Last month, i was in Thailand for 4 weeks and i partied almost every night. Stepping in a club like a Player was not a problem because i was in tune with the environment. I am not afraid to dance or show how I move simply because i truly enjoy dancing now, music and I are one entity . I had compliments from many girls and certain guys about the way I carry myself in the clubs and the way i move. I do not complicate my style, just follow Supreme’s videos and I focus on being sensual. Once i dance with a girl, I show my sensuality and that I have control over her by holding her by her traps, by the way I touch her, etc… She feels that i am confident and that I am in control.

Jovina’s advices on dressing have been a true blessing because I always dress nice even if I go to the grocery store and in the Thai clubs I was the only one wearing Calvin Klein long sleeves shirt (although i was sweating because of the humid climate), nice jeans and shoes when all the males were wearing shorts, sandals and some of them smelling nasty. People looked at me like I owned the Club and I had a lot of compliments on that too and people show me a lot of respect.

I enjoy listening to nightclub music all the time, sing those songs all the time and start dancing anywhere i go, i do not care, i actually feel like people are half dead and that life flows thru me again like it supposed too.
Supreme’s has changed my life since march 09 when I discovered his forum and products and I will be forever thankful for that. I can not wait to sign up for a new Dance Class with Supreme.


Women like men who can move on the dance floor and have confidence when the go out to night clubs.

So fellas women are looking for confident men to lead them. If you know how to dance then and display confidence then you will find getting laid from a night club will be much easier for you

Sign up now fellas!


Price Lowered as of 9-23-2013!  Enjoy!!!

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