Nightclub Seduction

“Learn how to meet women in a night club!”

Are you tired of going to a night club and leaving alone?

Are you one of the many guys who are afraid to go to a night club?

If you answered yes to either of these questions then you need this program!

Hello, my name is Chris Arnett aka Player Supreme.  For over 20 years I went to night clubs and got laid by lots of hot women.  Over the last 20 years I perfected my skills at hunting in the night clubs to the point where I had a 100% closure rate.

Yes that means I got laid every time I felt like meeting someone new.  I learned to take the power back and wield it in my hands rather than be at the mercy of selfish overly confident women.  And, to think they say women always know when they are going to get laid.  Ha!

If your anything like I used to be then you need my new book “Night Club Seduction” A down and dirty players manual for the night club game!

Let me show you some of the things I will teach you within my manual:


  • How to establish the basic mindset for success within the night clubs! Chapter1
  • How to pick out the 3 basic types of women in the night clubs! Chapter 2
  • How to dress for success within the night club environment! Chapter 3
  • How to pick out the girls who want to hook up! Chapter 4
  • How to walk into a club like a winner instead of a chump! Chapter 5
  • How to stand, move and act like your the shit over the other chumps! Chapter 6
  • How to scan the room and find women who want to play! Chapter 7
  • How to dance with women! Chapter 8
  • How to dominate a woman on the dance floor! Chapter 9
  • How to turn her on while dancing with her!  Chapter 10
  • How to ask her to dance!  Chapter 11
  • How to pull her from the club for a one night stand!  Chapter 12
  • How to get her phone number without rejection!  Chapter 13
  • How to read her body language.  Chapter 14
  • Plus much more…..


But wait I am not done yet.  I am also including following audio lessons:


  • Swagger or your cool aura!
  • How to act in the clubs without making a fool of yourself!
  • Accessing a females mind!
  • Talking to her ear!
  • Getting into her mind through her eyes!

Well I am still not done yet fellas.  I am also throwing in my own personal mix of over 1 hour practice dance music “This is my house.”

Tons of guys have taken my night club dance lessons and learned how to score in the night clubs.  Read what one successful young man had to say:


Just wanted to let ya know that I worked on the basics for my club dancing and on Friday it paid off. I pulled this cute blond from the club who was with her friends and staying at a nearby hotel (she’s from NYC). Rather than stay in her friends room, she bought a room for the two of us (can’t bring her back to the military base where i live) and i fucked the shit out of her. It was a great night, but I’m still working on club dancing to get better and watching the videos over again from the e-course.
Thanks for your help,

Isn’t it time you quit wasting your ten, twenty or higher entrance fees to night clubs and leaving for home with Mary palm and her five sisters (fingers) for all of your effort of the evening? I mean come on fellas. I would hate to consistently lose out to the fools that I see up in the night clubs just because I lacked the knowledge on how to pull the women to my bed. Don’t you?

Order my program today if your really ready to change your dating life and take charge of it!

It’s only $37.00.


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That is all that stands between you and your future success with women. Give blood if you have too. Dig in your couch if you have to, but order it today before I put the price back up to 37.00 where it belongs. Even at that price you really cannot put a price on ending your lonely hours at night now can you!



So get it now!


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