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  • Are you tired of still not getting a date?
  • Tired of not being able to approach girls?
  • Fed up with being fooled by smart con artists saying that if your short fat and balding that you can still date 6′ tall models?
  • Tired of buying ebook after ebook and still dateless and desperate?


Hello, my name is Chris Arnett aka Player Supreme. I am not a professional ad writer so please bear with me.

I am, the owner of a private forum for men who feel as you probably do and want to really do something about not just their dating lives but their entire being as well.

I have been not only a player in this game but rose up to the macking level and pimping level and in my time I have learned some honest truths about the game that the so-called guru’s are not sharing with anyone. Why should they. If guys knew what I know they wouldn’t buy their products.

Well I finally got tired of talking to guys who had been dumped and bamboozled into spending their hard earned money on bogus information. I started speaking out on the seduction forums on the truths that I had learned from wise pimps in the game. And what happened as a result?


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Yes, I started getting shut down and banned from sites. Why? Because the site owners were earning ton’s of money in Affiliate sales. If you visit these sites you will notice that they have all these product ads all over them.

I learned that they were making millions and here my big mouth came in rocking the boat of their potential income off the suckers.

As a former super shy guy I was outraged! So I started my own podcast show to teach guys the real truth of getting laid. Pimp Style!

After all pimps are the highest masters in this game. When you look at the truth of how they can get a intelligent woman to (not all whores are stupid) sell her most precious possession for cash and bring him back all of the money then your looking at real power in the game.

When you have guys who are just struggling to even get a date then you compare that to the power of pimps, I knew I had something to teach men all over the world.

And I did just that.

Now you can learn from topics such as:

  • Developing Charisma!
  • Women Explained!
  • Women Continued and Mastering the Game!
  • 8 Mistakes Players Will Make in the Game!
  • Environmental Factors to Pick Up!
  • How Attitude is Your Most Important Weapon in Becoming a Player!
  • Taming of a Shrew (Freak)…
  • How to Mind Fuck Women!
  • 5 Keys to Elevate Your Game to Pimp Level!
  • The Eyes Have It! (eye contact explained)!
  • Body Language Explained
  • Questions and Answers on Maintaining Manhood!
  • How to Connect with Women: My Secrets of Love Making!
  • Conversation Magic: The Beginning steps!
  • Word Play: Words to Get into the Female Mind
  • Conquering Fear!
  • The First 4 Seconds!
  • The State of Being: How to Truly Be “The Player”!
  • 7 Keys to Power Charisma!
  • Getting the Phone Number Supreme Style!
  • Mental Programming Meditations!
  • Eye Contact Game Expanded!
  • How to Lead a Woman in Conversation!
  • Emotional Value and Investment!
  • Stick to the Basics!
  • The Pimp Mindset!
  • Secrets of Heart Throb type of Players!
  • 5 Power Qualities for Success!
  • Targeting !
  • A for Attention!
  • Arousal!
  • GIGO Garbage In Garbage Out: Self Image Programming!
  • Evidence and Tell Them What to Do!
  • After the Approach Communication Skills!
  • Attitude Leveraging!
  • Beliefs!
  • What Attracts Women: What Women Want!
  • Change!
  • Commitment!
  • Listening and Communication Skills!
  • Confidence!
  • Desire!
  • Charm and Destiny!


  • Develop the Power of Charisma and Enthusiasm!
  • 2nd Step for Powerful Charisma and Charm!
  • 3rd Step to Charisma and Goal Setting plus Club Game!
  • 4th Step to Power Charisma and Charm!

A Ton of Shows:

  • 5th Element of Charm and Persistence!
  • The Power of Possibility!
  • A Playa in Action From Beginning to Lay!
  • Gaming Girls!
  • Getting Into Girls’ Heads and Risk Taking!
  • Conversation Topics and Self Esteem!
  • Eye Contact and Self Esteem!
  • Success!
  • Wisdom!
  • Alpha Maleness and Finding your Niche!
  • Approaches!
  • Believe in Yourself!
  • Be Like a Hunter and Dancing Tips!
  • Fuck Closing!
  • Salesmanship!
  • Persistance, Fear, and Behavior!
  • 8 Types of Dudes women Hate!


  • Da-Kidd’s Pimposophies: Observation!
  • Da-Kidd’s Pimposophies: Take Your Time!
  • Da-Kidd’s Pimposophies: Stacking Evidence!
  • Guilty Plea and Accessing Bitches’ 5 Senses!
  • Vigilence and NLP Word Game!
  • Marquee Value Theory and Pimp or Be Pimped!
  • Da-Kidd’s Pimposophies: Front and Escalating to Sex!
  • Da-Kidd’s Pimposophies: Clout!
  • Da-Kidd’s Pimposophies: Finish!
  • Questions and Answers!
  • Da-Kidd’s Pimposophies: Fresh and X-factors!
  • Isolate women!


  • Keep Ya Minds Right at Work: Questions and Answers!
  • Real Men vs Shy Guys!
  • Real Man Talk!
  • Direct vs indirect: My Opinion!
  • Internet Dating: The Word Game!
  • Internet Dating 101!
  • Creating a Powerful Online Profile!
  • Creating Powerful Headlines that Pull Bitches To You and Indirect Approaches!
  • Conversation and Coffee Dates!
  • Everything Has a Price!

Topics on how to be a real man and attain success in all aspects of your life. Told in plain English.


  • Get over your fear of woman!
  • Be able to approach women without relying on corny scripts!
  • Increase your confidence with women and all areas of your life!
  • Release years of defeat and shame that is stored in your body!
  • Break that negative cycle of defeat that has haunted you every time you try to meet a nice girl!
  • Have you dating lots of fine women within a few short weeks!
  • Looking for your soul mate? Are you man enough right now to attract and keep her?
  • Boost your male energy in the game!
  • Project a powerful aura of strength and confidence when you walk into a room!
  • Over 2 HUGE Gigabytes of information to blast your love life into orbit
  • Hours and Hours of me coaching you and teaching you how to be a real MAN!
  • Learn how to totally control women in your life without shame!
  • Meet and date multiple women and become the ultimate Player!
  • How to mind fuck women and get them addicted to you!
  • All of my dirty secrets are exposed! No pansy assed bullshit!
  • Become a charismatic man and excel at everything that you do in life!

Okay, So What’s The Cost For This Incredible Program?

But wait a minute I am not done yet with my offer.

I am adding in volumes 2 & 3 also which puts it over 4 gigs that you can start DOWNLOADING in just minutes from NOW! Hundreds of power packed shows in total.


  • How not to have confidence and still get laid!
  • Alpha male traits and how to develop them!
  • The Player mindset and putting it inside of you!
  • How to do what others will not do!
  • Mentors on being a real man!
  • Understanding the inner nature of women!
  • Pimp or ho!
  • 1 plus 1 equals more than what you had!

NOW..over 4 gigs of hard core raw to the bone game advice from the master Player Supreme!

And guess what?

Just let me give you one more bonus:

I am also including my special self hypnosis program.

“How to conquer your fear of woman.”

This program you can use every night to put you into a deep sleep while I help you over come your blocks to approaching women and to kill your fear totally of beautiful women!

Now what is just about 2 years worth of podcasts shows plus all the other bonuses going to cost you?

Guru’s such as Mystery and David D would rake in thousands. This is why David D, or Balen Pagen, his real name is sucking in over 20 million a year.

You can steal ALL OF THIS for:


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Yeah I know it’s WORTH a lot more for all of those shows and game lessons. Just think of the months and months of podcast shows teaching you all of those powerful tools to use in your conquest of women! I don’t care what it takes…beg..borrow…dig in your couch for change but you need this program!

Just think about all of the times you let a woman walk out of your life because you were too afraid to step up like a man and get her? Or because you lacked the player skills to woe her.

Now it’s time for you to take your dating destiny in your own hands and do something about it!

If you know me then you know I am a man of my word! It is worth every cent and more!

Go on and click on the link below and order now so that you can get started right away! But let me PROMISE you 3 things:

1. What I teach will warp you for ever!
2. You will never look at women again the same way!
3. You will never accept bad behavior from women again!

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